How doctors celebrate…. a 10th anniversary Jubiläum




CMH wishes the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy ten more years of constructive and fulfilling work!



Wedding season has begun!!

How do we know that? 

…..well Call Me Heike happens to love providing the musical relief needed to pacify that long stretch between coffee & cake and the real culinary feast.



In fact, CMH loves everything about the magical, ethereal, romantic, fairy tale world of weddings.CMH,Krissi,Colleen,Eva,sm





And we already started this season in style…







… in case you’re planning one of your own, consider us spell-binding champions for your knot-tying-festivities!

(we’re bookable as a trio, quartet or quintet)






Open Sesame

Door,cropped,EnhDear fans and new friends, as a band we’re on the threshold of something new.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, even if it’s difficult to perceive on the surface.

We’re preparing original songs for recording….with some anxiety and lots of excitement.  There are treasures forming from our current creative pursuits, and before you know it, that which is hidden will be revealed.


Call Me Heike back in the theater! AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS!

So here we are, back in action! Don’t delay, the adventures of Around the World in 80 Days continue only until Friday, July 12!!! See the flyer below for the details.






The Tagblatt had great things to say about the production AND they enjoyed our music!!!



You got it, fine lovers of the arts; we’re headed back to the world of theater. Our band has the wonderful task of bringing musical splendor from the far-reaches of the world to this production of Around the World in 80 Days.  Yeahhh!!!

Be there or lose the race!

Ponyhof, Hühnerleiter, Affentheater?

Tja Ihr Lieben,

unser Leben war am Samstag ein Ponyhof. Und nicht nur das sondern ein Ponyhof im Sommer mit spaßbereiten Leuten, grandiosem Sound (Respekt an den DJ!) und der Mousse au Chocolat meines Lebens (Respekt an die Konditorin!). Das sind die Momente von denen man zehrt, wenn man im Winter hungrig und frierend am Reutlinger Hauptbahnhof steht und der Zug nicht kommt.

Also, Leute, genießt den Sommer! Aber vergesst auch nicht hier und da ein bisschen Kultur einzuplanen. Man könnte sich z.B. “In 80 Tagen um die Welt” im Brechtbau-Theater anschauen.

Wir sehen uns!

Ponyhof (Pony Farm) / Bed of Roses

In German there is an expression: “Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof.” (literally “Life is no pony farm.”).

It’s is comparable to the English expression, “Life’s not a bed of roses.”


Well, we were on a pony farm on Saturday, and let me tell you something, that experience reminded me about why I love making music. 1.Ponyhof.Panorama

As musicians, we have the total delight to get to participate in life’s joys by being hired to play gigs for all sorts of wonderful reasons. Birthdays, weddings, art-exhibition openings, anniversaries, jubilees, graduations, you name it. 

While it’s true that we’re just “visitors” of such jovial occassions, based on Saturday’s festivities at Reitzeit in  Münsingen (, I would update the sayings to be:

“Life is not a bed of roses, but if you take some time you might just find, it’s worth the ride.” 

or “Life is like a box of chocolates, and sometimes we pick a good one.”

And too, Eva the owner said that we can visit whenever we like, so….

“Life is no pony farm, but do please visit one as often as you can.”

This pony farm was a bit like home-coming, a warm family-feel with animal friends out in the great wide open.





Flower Art – Blumenkunst

One wouldn’t think that an event at town hall could provide such a warm and vibrant atmosphere…but indeed in Eberspach an der Fils our band certainly felt well-received and honored to partake in the opening of Heide Metzdorf’s oil painting exhibition. Not to mention that the acoustics were amazing. Nice!


We’re looking forward to the opening tomorrow of a lovely art exhibition accompanied by our music! The details….

  • Wednesday, May 15, 2013 – 19:00
    Art exhbition
    – Heide Metzdorf 
    “Von Türkisch-Mohn und weißen Rosen”
    Eberspach an der Fils,


Call Me Heike goes sushi for the International Jazz Day


What a way to celebrate International Jazz Day!! Nothing like working up a musical-sweat and cooling down with delicious sushi.

You see that sushi tray at the bottom? WE ATE IT ALL!! Num, num, num ; ]


TatamiIITatami,FoodIIWie Ihr unserer Terminseite sicher entnommen habt, spielen wir am Dienstag, 30.4. um 19 Uhr im Tatami.

Wir freuen uns, wenn Ihr kommt. Mit ein bisschen Sushi im Magen tanzt es sich auch deutlich schöner in den Mai.

Bis bald und viele Grüße

Espresso oder Pasta?

So, for the espresso lovers, Michele (of Cafe Piccolo in Tuebingen) will never let you down. Not only is he meticulous about caring for his expresso machine,  he enjoyed our performance so much that he invited us back. Here are a few shots of the night….Picolo,small




P1000244_1,small P1000245_1,small

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person for whom the way to your heart is through your stomach, well then Peperosso Trattoria in Reutlingen is probably more your thing (for those of you who didn’t delight in the auditory and gustatory treats, we’ll be playing there again on July 19 ; ]   )…..

BandPeperosso,small PeperossoIII

PeperossoI,small PeperossoII,small


Die meisten dürften wir ja schon mit der Info beglückt haben:

Diese Woche habt Ihr die aufregende und erfreuliche Gelegenheit uns entweder zum Drink oder zum Dinner zu hören. Andrerseits: Wieso eigentlich oder?? Ihr könnt beides haben.

Am Donnerstag, 28.2., 18.30 in Tübingen im Piccolo hervorragende Getränke und am Freitag, 1.3., 20 Uhr in Reutlingen im Peperosso (oben beim Freibad) köstliches Essen + Getränke + Musik. Die Einzelheiten findet Ihr auch nochmal unter “Important dates”.

Wäre nett, Euch da zu haben!

And for our English speaking readers: It’s great, that you got that far!! Either you speak a little German or you are an extremely curious and patient person:).  So you might have worked out, that we are playing this week in Tübingen and Reutlingen but you are probably too far away to come and join us. However, you could still get a flight… The food in Pepeross0 is supposed to be extremely nice.