….Tübingen Kulturnacht 2022 is tomorrow!!

Dear Music-lovers,

We have missed you! And after all those corona pandemic years it’s time to break out the music….

Please COME JOIN US ON SATURDAY, May 7 from 19:15-20:00 & 20:30-21:15

Location: open air by the Jakobuskirche Tübingen; Jakobsgasse 12; 72070 Tübingen

Here’s more information: https://www.kulturnacht-tuebingen.de/events/view/id/190119/date/1651874400

Despite the 2-year pandemic hiatus, we’ve been practicing and now we wish to share our music with you!…..


“Stop Kiss” – Theater performance accompanied by our band

Wir proben zur Zeit wie wild für das Theaterprojekt “Stop Kiss”, das vom 11.-15.2.13 von den Provisional Players im Brechtbau in Tübingen aufgeführt wird. Es ist ein Stück über zwei Frauen, die sich in New York kennen lernen und ihre Liebe zueinander entdecken. Wir machen dabei die Pausenfüllung.


Wer uns ganz normal hören möchte, allerdings ohne Schlagzeug, dafür mit Cajon und hoffentlich mit Gitarre, kann am 28.2.13 ins Piccolo kommen [siehe Important dates]. Uhrzeit weiß ich mal wieder nicht, aber es war unerwartet früh, so um 19 Uhr.

Wir freuen uns, wenn ihr kommt!

(See English version below)

For those of you who have no idea what is written above, the news is that we’re currently preparing music for a theater performance, called “Stop Kiss”, which is being produced by the Provisional Players in Tuebingen (Brechtbau-Theater) from Feb. 11-15, 2014. The story is known in drama circles, as the piece presents a non-linear tale of two women who get to know each other in New York. I think it’s really an amazing piece,  due to it’s subletly and naturalness, and also for it’s complexity (related to the social issues it addresses and how the scenes are set up). It’s a theater piece that moves you…both complex and highly engaging. We’ll be playing in between the scene-changes and I’ll also be acting in small roles too. : ]

For more details….Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/476926609020069/