CMH@ Ärzte ohne Grenzen Benefizkonzert im Musenstall5 15.09.

Es ist Zeit, am Samstag den 15. September für einen besonderen Anlass zusammen zu kommen, für den wir gemeinsam stehen.

Msf_logo.svgUnd wofür fragt ihr euch?

….Ärzte ohne Grenzen hilft Opfern von Krieg und Katastrophen. Spenden Sie!


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Wo denn genau feiern
wir diesen Anlass?

Musenstall.pngDegerschlachter Str. 5
72827 Wannweil

….ein Treffpunkt für Leute, die
sich für Kultur interessieren.

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Die Inhaber, Sabine und Roland Altenburger, freuen sich euch in Wannweil am Samstag den 15. September ab 20:00 herzlich Wilkommen zu heißen.

Eintritt frei!!

Unser Band, Call Me Heike, freut sich auch euch als neue Spender zu gewinnen! AoG,Danke.jpg   Msf,VielenDank 




goodbye summer, hello band!

So, of course we, like you, aren’t happy to say goodbye to summer., like you, we are ready to get back in the swing of things.
The autumn is a perfect time for coming together in a cozy atmosphere.

Culture is calling

Thanks for coming out and making music with us!
“AHHHHH, look at all the singing people.”

CMH,Kulturnacht,Stadtmuseum.jpgCall Me Heike will be at the 7th Tübingen Culture Night on Sat. May 12

* from 19:00 – 19:45; 20:00 – 20:45; 21:15 – 22:00 at the Stadtmuseum *

Please join us for the wonderful event(s)….the city will be bubbling with enthusiasm!


Come out and see us to find out what these things have in common!

tuebinger-revolten   plus   the-beatles  Equal sign  CMH,ReutKult1,sm



Why hasn’t there been news from CMH?

….because Call Me Heike has been BUSY
preparing and more recently recording! 

THANK YOU to Prof. Curdt & the students of the Audio Engineering Department at the Stuttgart Media University for the productive & exciting weekend of recording.

U54,crIt was an enriching experience for our Band….Studio,crEva,Ludwig,Raphael,Studio,crEva,FlugelKrissi,Colleen,Students

Five songs recorded in less than two days…woohoo!CMH,HdM.AufnahmeWe’re so proud that our months of preparation resulted in a very satisfying time in the studio. We can’t wait to share the results with you!




Februar 2017 & 2018

Young At HeartTrotz des Winters (oder auch derzeitiges Wintermangel) ist der Februar normalerweise eine aktive Zeit für die Band. Call Me Heike bereitet sich derzeit auf eine Hochzeitsfeier im Februar vor. Am selben Tag letzten Jahres trat CMH bei einer Hochzeit eines eigenen Bandmitglieds auf. So fleißig wie wir sind, am darauffolgenden Tag traten wir bei einem Charity Event für das DAI auf.


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Better than a golden ticket

Call Me Heike has news for you!



No, CMH hasn’t yet been picked as the lucky recipients of a golden ticket, we’ve been chosen for something even better…


The students in the Dept. of Tontechnik & Sounddesign of the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, along with their advisor Prof. Curdt, have chosen Call Me Heike (again!) to be recorded in April 2018.

So, the next golden for CMH is the golden AM-Tonstudio in U 54.

…Now you know, 2018 holds great things for the Band, yeaaaahhhhh!!!!



Reutlingen Kulturnacht calling….

ReutlingerKulturnacht2017,IIThis evening is Kulturnacht in Reutlingen. The weather is beautiful and there are no excuses why not to go and enjoy the boisterous cultural happenings in the town.

Call Me Heike will be playing at the Naturkundemuseum from 22:00 – 00:00. That’s us in the middle below.


from Reutlinger General-Anzeiger

We hope you’ll put us in your plans. We had a great time and wonderful audience in 2015 and are looking forward to a stunning program at the Museum.

For more info in German:


Rain or Shine…CMH at Lorettofest 2017!


The six of us musicians are looking forward to the great neighborhood atmosphere and the wonderful program at Lorettofest this year. 

We hope you’ll make it out to see us on the open air stage from 19:00 – 20:15. We’ll be bringing sunny energy to welcome in the coming autumn. See you there!

For more info:



CMH,Beschreibung,ProgrammPLEASE NOTE! Since Laurens Perol got a place at film school in Norway, Call Me Heike is honored that Raphael Missel will be playing trumpet for this performance as well as others in the near future. Best of luck, Laurens!! CMH,LorettoBuehneCMH,LorettoPublikum