….Tübingen Kulturnacht 2022 is tomorrow!!

Dear Music-lovers,

We have missed you! And after all those corona pandemic years it’s time to break out the music….

Please COME JOIN US ON SATURDAY, May 7 from 19:15-20:00 & 20:30-21:15

Location: open air by the Jakobuskirche Tübingen; Jakobsgasse 12; 72070 Tübingen

Here’s more information: https://www.kulturnacht-tuebingen.de/events/view/id/190119/date/1651874400

Despite the 2-year pandemic hiatus, we’ve been practicing and now we wish to share our music with you!…..


In times of isolation, let music (not fear) infect you

Dear friends and fans,

We know that these are odd and challenging times; our band hopes that you have the resources to manage well despite the intense dynamics of this pandemic. A helpful reminder for us, in order to not get intimidated into paralysis or hopelessness, is that good things are also contagious….like moods imparted by music.                    

Call Me Heike sends you good vibes across the way!!

Culture is calling

Thanks for coming out and making music with us!
“AHHHHH, look at all the singing people.”

CMH,Kulturnacht,Stadtmuseum.jpgCall Me Heike will be at the 7th Tübingen Culture Night on Sat. May 12

* from 19:00 – 19:45; 20:00 – 20:45; 21:15 – 22:00 at the Stadtmuseum *

Please join us for the wonderful event(s)….the city will be bubbling with enthusiasm!


Come out and see us to find out what these things have in common!

tuebinger-revolten   plus   the-beatles  Equal sign  CMH,ReutKult1,sm



Februar 2017 & 2018

Young At HeartTrotz des Winters (oder auch derzeitiges Wintermangel) ist der Februar normalerweise eine aktive Zeit für die Band. Call Me Heike bereitet sich derzeit auf eine Hochzeitsfeier im Februar vor. Am selben Tag letzten Jahres trat CMH bei einer Hochzeit eines eigenen Bandmitglieds auf. So fleißig wie wir sind, am darauffolgenden Tag traten wir bei einem Charity Event für das DAI auf.


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CMH recording from 12.-13.11.

cmhbacktoworkCall Me Heike recorded new songs this weekend
at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart (Tontechnik und Sounddesign).

It was an amazing experience to work with such motivated and focused students
and under the supervision of the sound-meister, Prof. Oliver Curdt. THANK YOU!backinthestudiosm

Divine celebration Theologicum-style



Call Me Heike helped celebrate the lives and works of master thinkers with the Theology-folks at the University of Tübingen on June 3.

It was a dazzling evening with brilliant academics, delicious food and swinging music.csm_plakat_klein_6edd75ab0a