Party at the Rothenburg house – lots of bands, lots to celebrate

CMH,Silverbacks Special thanks to the birthday-host, Björn, for his good vibes and generous spirit.        … Not only was there music to hear with the ears and feel with the body, but there was damn good vegan food to fill our bellies and a fireplace to keep us warm and cozy. CMH,Krissi,Grub

What a great experience to be part of the eclectic mix! The high-level energy of the Silverbacks and Sonic Spy provided great inspiration.








2014.11,rockenstein v1.2 Plakat

Jazz – Metal – Indie Pop

…they’ll have it all at the Rothenburg House Party

CMH is first up at the Tübinger Haus der Rothenburg and the party will just keep rolling from there.

Come on out and join us for what promises to be a hell of a party.

Click on the flyer for details.


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