Flower Art – Blumenkunst

One wouldn’t think that an event at town hall could provide such a warm and vibrant atmosphere…but indeed in Eberspach an der Fils our band certainly felt well-received and honored to partake in the opening of Heide Metzdorf’s oil painting exhibition. Not to mention that the acoustics were amazing. Nice!


We’re looking forward to the opening tomorrow of a lovely art exhibition accompanied by our music! The details….

  • Wednesday, May 15, 2013 – 19:00
    Art exhbition
    – Heide Metzdorf 
    “Von Türkisch-Mohn und weißen Rosen”
    Eberspach an der Fils,


So, alle, die heute Vormittag nicht im Hanseatica waren,… [for those of you who weren’t in Hanseatica this morning,…]

Hanseatica…. haben jetzt halt leider die größeren und kleineren Monster und auch uns in kleiner Besetzung verpasst.
Vielleicht kommt Ihr ja beim nächsten Mal. Allerdings gibt’s die nächste Gelegenheit uns in Aktion zu erleben im Februar (siehe “Important dates“)MonsterArt,sm2

Wolltet Ihr sonst noch was wissen?

…Macht’s gut und schöne Tage und nicht jetzt schon nachlassen mit den guten Vorsätzen!

(See English version below)

….unfortunately you may just have missed the opening of the larger and smaller monsters (however, Uwe’s exhibition runs in Hanseatica until Feb. 16, 2013) and you may therefore also have missed us as a small ensemble. However, some souvenirs…


We hope you’ll join us for the next lovely occassions. Fortunately, there’s are opportunities to see us in action in February (see the “Important dates” tab above).

You know what else?

….Be well and enjoy the days, and don’t already subside with your good intentions for the year!