10.09.16 CMH beim Lorettofest


Sommer im September

…so haben wir die wunderschön Lorettofest am Samstag, den 10.09. auf der OpenAir-Bühne erlebet.

Danke darfür, dass ihr dabei wart!

Ihr habt toll mit gesungen und wir freuen uns auf die nächste Gelegenheit mit euch zu feiern.

Demnächst: 3 Gigs im Oktober!


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04.08. Café Picco, 05.08. Restaurant X

Call Me Heike is playing in your neighboorhood!

Chilling on the terrace next to Café Piccolo Sole d´Oro (Metzgergasse 39, 72070 Tübingen) is where we hope to see you this evening starting at 18.30.

Tomorrow night at 19.00, lounging at the opening of a new restaurant for some world cuisine (French,  Mediterranean, Moroccan, etc), is a perfect way to start the weekend.

Ahh, summer livin’ is gooooooddddd!

Divine celebration Theologicum-style



Call Me Heike helped celebrate the lives and works of master thinkers with the Theology-folks at the University of Tübingen on June 3.

It was a dazzling evening with brilliant academics, delicious food and swinging music.csm_plakat_klein_6edd75ab0a


AM-Tonstudio U 54

Hurrah!! Thanks to the students & Prof. Curdt of the Ton Department at the 1200px-Hochschule_der_Medien_Stuttgart_logoHdM in Stuttgart, Call Me Heike will record three new songs in November 2016. We’re grateful that they chose us among the contending bands.


Photo source: http://www.soundandrecording.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Funkhaus-Aufnahmeraum.jpg

Udo Lindenberg: The living legend

In case you didn’t know, we applied for the Panikpreis sponsored by the Udo Lindenberg Stiftung ….. it’s about being authentic, that is marching to the beat of your own drum, and expressing yourself in German. UDO Goldener Hut 2016_Layout 1.809879.jpg.809884

Thanks to our pianist, Eva, we have some pretty diggin’ songs in German. I love them. Check out our entry, by clicking on Udo’s hat above.

Photo source: http://www.udo-lindenberg-stiftung.de/panikpreis.97379.htm

Haiku deadline tomorrow!

The HAIKU entrees are in. The videos are waiting for your votes. The worst haiku, with the most likes, will win. To see the videos, check our FB site HERE.

The voting ends on MARCH 16.

And what will the author of the worst haiku entry win?

The top prize:                A chickey-haiku generator!HaikuPrize

….presented with a video explanation HERE (in German)


 For a behind-the-scenes view of the haiku video-making, click on the photo above.


To any last-minute haiku dabblers, the deadline for the contest is tomorrow, March 5th at midnight GMT. We’re really excited about the entries and can’t wait to present them via video for your votes. The worst entry wins!

(in German) http://www.facebook.com/CallMeHeike/posts/977526995659437:0
(in English) http://www.facebook.com/CallMeHeike/posts/977590862319717

Teaser: http://www.facebook.com/CallMeHeike/videos/982202281858575/

Winding down 2015

free-vintage-christmas-clip-art-qx7plns2CMH celebrated the highs of 2015 with friends & family at our house concert on Dec. 13th. Thanks to everyone for the delicious buffet and cozy atmosphere! The band is very inspired by & grateful for a wonderful year.



CMH,HauskonzertIII In 2015, CMH welcomed trumpeter, Raphael Missel, and drummer, Christian Stritzelberger, to the band. The band grows in amazing ways!CMH,HauskonzertIVCMH,Buffet














CMH wishes you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a MAGICAL START to 2016!





What do glitter & santa hats have in common?

10-yards-glitz-sequins-tp_7640443746760175409vb    plus   santa-hat   Equal sign  scherben-am-polterabend On 12.12.15 CMH gave our first musical performance for a Polterabend.

Attire: Women in glitter, men in santa hats.

Truly said, it was one of the funnest parties that we’ve ever attended as a band. Thanks to the happy newly weds who just tied the knot yesterday; We wish them all the best in the years ahead!