Ponyhof (Pony Farm) / Bed of Roses

In German there is an expression: “Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof.” (literally “Life is no pony farm.”).

It’s is comparable to the English expression, “Life’s not a bed of roses.”


Well, we were on a pony farm on Saturday, and let me tell you something, that experience reminded me about why I love making music. 1.Ponyhof.Panorama

As musicians, we have the total delight to get to participate in life’s joys by being hired to play gigs for all sorts of wonderful reasons. Birthdays, weddings, art-exhibition openings, anniversaries, jubilees, graduations, you name it. 

While it’s true that we’re just “visitors” of such jovial occassions, based on Saturday’s festivities at Reitzeit in  Münsingen (www.reitzeit.com), I would update the sayings to be:

“Life is not a bed of roses, but if you take some time you might just find, it’s worth the ride.” 

or “Life is like a box of chocolates, and sometimes we pick a good one.”

And too, Eva the owner said that we can visit whenever we like, so….

“Life is no pony farm, but do please visit one as often as you can.”

This pony farm was a bit like home-coming, a warm family-feel with animal friends out in the great wide open.