Espresso oder Pasta?

So, for the espresso lovers, Michele (of Cafe Piccolo in Tuebingen) will never let you down. Not only is he meticulous about caring for his expresso machine,  he enjoyed our performance so much that he invited us back. Here are a few shots of the night….Picolo,small




P1000244_1,small P1000245_1,small

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person for whom the way to your heart is through your stomach, well then Peperosso Trattoria in Reutlingen is probably more your thing (for those of you who didn’t delight in the auditory and gustatory treats, we’ll be playing there again on July 19 ; ]   )…..

BandPeperosso,small PeperossoIII

PeperossoI,small PeperossoII,small


Die meisten dürften wir ja schon mit der Info beglückt haben:

Diese Woche habt Ihr die aufregende und erfreuliche Gelegenheit uns entweder zum Drink oder zum Dinner zu hören. Andrerseits: Wieso eigentlich oder?? Ihr könnt beides haben.

Am Donnerstag, 28.2., 18.30 in Tübingen im Piccolo hervorragende Getränke und am Freitag, 1.3., 20 Uhr in Reutlingen im Peperosso (oben beim Freibad) köstliches Essen + Getränke + Musik. Die Einzelheiten findet Ihr auch nochmal unter “Important dates”.

Wäre nett, Euch da zu haben!

And for our English speaking readers: It’s great, that you got that far!! Either you speak a little German or you are an extremely curious and patient person:).  So you might have worked out, that we are playing this week in Tübingen and Reutlingen but you are probably too far away to come and join us. However, you could still get a flight… The food in Pepeross0 is supposed to be extremely nice.