So, to be honest, it was scary and exciting at the same time…scary because there was no guarantee that it would all work out and flow well. Exciting because we worked hard to fit the music well to the story line and atmosphere and also to be well prepared. In the end, WE HAD A GREAT EXPERIENCE! The music fit (the music that we arranged!!) and totally added an enriched dimension to an already outstanding theatrical piece. WOW!

Thanks so much to the people who came out to support us and also who followed up on their curiosity. We hope you weren’t disappointed.

!!!!!! For  a little taste of our theater performance, check out this video:

And of course some photos…..



Hallo Leute,

gestern war der erste “Stop Kiss”-Abend. Ihr habt noch die ganze Woche die Gelegenheit das Stück zu sehen.

Kommt! Es lohnt sich. (Brechtbau, Wilhelmstraße, Tübingen 11.-14.2.2013, 20 Uhr)


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