Haiku deadline tomorrow!

The HAIKU entrees are in. The videos are waiting for your votes. The worst haiku, with the most likes, will win. To see the videos, check our FB site HERE.

The voting ends on MARCH 16.

And what will the author of the worst haiku entry win?

The top prize:                A chickey-haiku generator!HaikuPrize

….presented with a video explanation HERE (in German)


 For a behind-the-scenes view of the haiku video-making, click on the photo above.


To any last-minute haiku dabblers, the deadline for the contest is tomorrow, March 5th at midnight GMT. We’re really excited about the entries and can’t wait to present them via video for your votes. The worst entry wins!

(in German) http://www.facebook.com/CallMeHeike/posts/977526995659437:0
(in English) http://www.facebook.com/CallMeHeike/posts/977590862319717

Teaser: http://www.facebook.com/CallMeHeike/videos/982202281858575/


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