Theater Music – The Man Who Was Thursday…..


Some impressions…


Somehow the masks survived the entire week without any mishaps.

TheaterSeats   The house was full every night despite the  semester break.

By Friday night the band knew the text by heart and had already been quoting the play all week. BandChamberAnd here’s what the Tagblatt had to say about it….

20150218_Verworrener Traum – Brechtbau-Theater spielt G.K. Chesterton


Call Me Heike is back in action preparing the musical accompaniment for the upcoming Provisional Players’ production of “The Man Who Was Thursday” from Feb. 16 – 20 in Tübingen. If you’re interested to learn more about it and/or would like to attend this thrilling and comical theater-adventure, please see the details below.

poster_TheManWhoWasThurs.Experience G. K Chesterton’s  masterpiece “The Man Who Was Thursday” in a brand new stage adaptation!

Follow Syme into the nightmare where the Central Anarchist Council tries to overthrow the governments of Europe, and only Syme can stop this conspiracy.See Syme on the run from the anarchists’ hordes, fighting tooth and nail to survive and uncover the secret identities of the Council of Days.

Who is friend, who is foe?
Should Anarchists really have a Central Council?
And who is the mysterious Sunday?

Part metaphysical thriller, part Kafkaesque comedy, “The Man Who Was Thursday” explores a world where nothing is what it seems to be, and a nightmare is something you might never wake up from.

Performances: 16. – 20. February 2015, 8pm in the Brechtbau Theatre (Wilhelmstr. 50, Tuebingen). 

Get your tickets for 5 EUR at the door or via

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